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Preserving and protecting our Environment with Agriculture, CROPS MEET 2020 (Webinar)

Advances in data analysis, herbicide resistance, insect resistance and effective biological will help our farmers to protect our land, air and water, which in turn will reduce the amount of toxicants produced in the environment leading to the safe and suitable climate change as well as environmental balance. There are hundreds of challenges for modern agriculture and this is why, very few countries have adopted the modern procedures to increase the quality and quantity of their product yields. Due to this covid-19 the world has been facing not only a pandemic of infection, but also a scarcity of food. Despite of the excess of food, hunger remains a significant problem in North America, Canada etc. There are certain things on which, we have to still focus on like; ·          Research and Development ·          Plant Breeding ·          Agricultural Biological ·          Crop Protection ·          Biotechnology & GMOs ·          Data Science Keeping all these thi
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15th Crop Science & Agriculture Summit is now Webinar!! Call for participation

Researches in agricultural aspects have taken special interest not only from the government sectors but also from various private organizations to find out the best technology for high yielding, cost- effective, disease resistant and pesticide tolerance corps etc. The best research of today is the development of recombinant crops by recombinant DNA technology including disease resistant activity and high yielding capacity. To explore various productive skills and researches as well as to find out perfect investors for a better project, CROPS MEET WEBINAR 2020 has invited various professionals from all over the world to be a part of its online “ 15th Crop Science and Agriculture Summit ”, scheduled on 10 th December 2020. We are expecting to gather more than 40 to 50 participants from all over the world to make this event more attractive and meaningful. Scientific sessions: ·          Agriculture & Horticulture ·          Agrobiology & Bio resources ·          Agr